You. I don’t get you. One moment, you’re so excited to see me and always want to talk. We hold hands and kiss. We go for coffee and watch live bands. You play your guitar and sing for me. You … Continue reading

This Insomnia Business Is Changing Me

I don’t exactly know what it is that keeps me awake, but I have a few theories..

1. The little noises that the fridge and the taps make.

2. Ideas and questions on my mind like: “Can you cry underwater?”

3. The fact that sleeping on my bed is like sleeping on a park bench. It’s uncomfortable and rather cold.

If there is anyone out there that is reading this right now, that also can’t sleep, let me know. Tell me your theories about why this stranger named Sleep is avoiding us.

Bonjour, World of Blogging!

Ok. A blog.

What is the purpose of a blog? It could quite possibly just be a place to release all of the thoughts and ideas we have bouncing around in our brains. Maybe it’s a way for us, as humans, to share our creative abilities with others around the world. Perhaps we hope that there are people out there that will read the things we right, look at the pictures we post, soak it all in, and be able to understand and empathize.

Whatever the purpose is, I’m going to give it a chance. I have this ┬áidea that I’ll try all of these new things in hopes of rinsing some of the depression off of my skin and finding myself. I’m only eighteen, so who knows. Anyways, if there is anyone out there that just so happens to be reading the things I type up at 1:00am, I hope it’s not too boring.